Announcement: Wed Sept 3 6pm New Orleans Palestine Solidarity Committee Meeting #NOPSC


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This info is on Facebook and was sent out in an email blast and has been reposted for those not using Facebook.

Wed Sept 3 6pm: New Orleans Palestine Solidarity Committee meeting: At the meeting NOPSC will present the organization’s mission, future plans, and organizers. This will also be an opportunity to express interest in taking a more active role in NOPSC by joining leadership and committees. NOPSC values your input and encourages you to come and be a part of the organization’s future. 6pm at 1725 Baronne St. More info from Facebook event


It is the mission of the New Orleans Palestinian Solidarity Committee to foster equitable, sustainable, and intersectional community action to support the freedom and empowerment of Palestinians in Palestine and in the Greater New Orleans area.

NOPSC was chartered in July 2014 by a small group of people organizing an event called #AStreetcarNamedGaza. This event was comprised of a streetcar solidarity ride, candlelight vigil, and march through the French Quarter that ultimately drew hundreds of participants and media attention from several outlets. It is the goal of NOPSC to build upon this movement, continuing to incorporate New Orleans’ culture and history of resistance into efforts to amplify Palestinian voices.

In recognition of the gross human rights violations that have taken place at the expense of the Palestinian people for over seven decades, NOPSC’s top priority is to support both diasporic Palestinians, and those residing in Palestine itself. NOPSC recognizes that the institutions of power which perpetuate the continued occupation of Palestine are affected by the same hegemonic ideologies of racism and sexism that affects people of color, women, LGBTQ people, the poor, the undocumented, and the disabled everywhere. With this understanding, NOPSC is dedicated to an intersectional solidarity that does not leave room for bigotry or hate. The organizers of NOPSC recognize that systems of oppression are impressed upon everyone throughout society, and that overcoming these prejudices is an ongoing process. NOPSC welcomes all those willing to work together in the struggle toward equity for all people. Focusing on Palestine, NOPSC aims to build upon past work in New Orleans, namely the organizing efforts of NOLAPS, to catalyze an ongoing movement in this city in solidarity against oppression.