Due to the long string of technical problems with the Occupynola.net website (the old site is completely inoperable at the moment), Digital Media has taken the initiative to create a new provisional website to publish important Occupy New Orleans updates and maintain a national presence.

Digital Media is not sure as to whether the content from the old website can be retrieved. However, Occupy NOLA needs a website, and since occupynola.net has disappeared from cyberspace, we’re starting over again. We’d love to have the content (G.A. minutes, proposals, etc) from the old website if possible. Some of it was reblogged on this Tumblr Dear Occupiers with Love but the digital history of Occupy New Orleans is by no means complete.

This website can have the domain name occupyneworleans.us, which was the only one currently available.

The Occupy NOLA Digital Media Working Group will propose that the Occupy NOLA General Assembly approve this website (and only this website) as the official website of Occupy NOLA.

This website was created by Tara Jill because occupynola.net is no more. She has registered occupyneworleans.us and paid for it for one year. She does not wish to be compensated monetarily for this purchase but requests that all members of The Occupy NOLA Digital Media Working Group take the creation of this site and its security seriously. Under no circumstances should anyone who is granted administrative or editor or contributor rights risk the security of this site knowingly or unknowingly.

This website is currently connected to the GA approved Occupy NOLA Facebook and Twitter social networking sites https://www.facebook.com/OccupyNola504 and @OccupyNOLA2012 respectively.

This website for Occupy The Stage occupythestage.net will remain in existence as is and function independently of this website. Occupy The Stage DOT NET will be updated by OTS Digital Media Team and will often include content unique to Occupy The Stage. It is up to all members of Occupy NOLA Digital Media to update this website.

Members of The Digital Media Working Group can contact info@occupyneworleans.us and request editor access to update this website or attend a GA.

There are menu options at the top of this website where GA minutes, events, and other info can be posted. Right now this is a blank
template, and it’s up to us to make it great.

Tara Jill will be happy to show anyone how to use WordPress if they are interested. Again, please contact info@occupyneworleans.us if you are interested (yes, she spends a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook but please email that email account – NOT her Gmail – if you have inquiries about this specific website and admin access).

It will be a pleasure to help Occupy NOLA occupy the internet.