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Stop HANO’s quest to demolish Iberville Housing Development. Press conference/protests 8:30am Tuesday, July 24th in front HANO headquarters at 4100 Touro in the Gentilly section of New Orleans. Sponsor C3//Hands Off Iberville!


From Mike Howells:

Pres Kabacoff was the real estate shark that kicked people out of St Thomas. He wants to do the same thing at Iberville, this time with help from  President Obama who is providing him with critical financial and political support. Come to this HANO meeting to stop Kabacoff and to defend and expand public housing.

No Demolition of Iberville!      

Our community needs HOUSING AND JOBS!

 We Demand HANO rebuild all of the original 858 apartments at Iberville and the thousands HANO and their developer buddies have destroyed over the last twenty years.

  We Demand no more demolition and gentrification (kicking out poor people).

We demand a new, mass public works program, at union wages, to rebuild housing, schools, hospitals and country in New Orleans and communities across the United States.

Tuesday, July 24 4100 Touro St

8:30 AM—Demonstration

9 AM—Speak Out at Board Meeting