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Occupy NOLA rejects the two party system. Do you?

Call to Action: Wed. July 25, 2012

Amphitheater near Jackson Square – 2pm Chalkupy Obama! 

                                                             3:30 pm Rally & voice your demands!

President Obama will be coming to New Orleans to “Occupy The Vote” for the 2012 National Urban League Conference and will be attending a Reception For the Obama Victory Fund (OVF) at the House of Blues.

The reception is at 3:30 pm Wednesday, July 25! Although the notice “Please join President Obama for a reception with supporters like you in New Orleans” is included with the invitation, many of the NOLA 99% will not be able to afford the $250 price of a ticket.

Since we can’t afford to pay $250 to voice our concerns in person at House of Blues, we’ll be Chalkupying the amphitheater across from Jackson Square in the French Quarter from 2- 3 pm on Wednesday.


We hope you’ll stop by the Amphitheater between 2 and 3pm, grab some chalk, and write your message to Obama, or print it on an index card we’ll provide.

Or, you can submit your concern HERE and we’ll chalkupy it for you!

Then at 3:30 we’ll rally with a Pots and Pans March!

Below are some but not all of the concerns we plan to address!

National Concerns

Local Concerns

  • Stop the demolition of The Iberville Housing Development
  • Create jobs for All
  • Mass, direct-government employment program, now!
  • Put all New Orleans teachers fired after Katrina back to work now! No more scabs for America’s teachers
  • End government support of for-profit education.
  • Institute a Federal Public Works Program paid for by big oil companies including Shell and BP to clean up the Gulf of Mexico and restore the infrastructure of the Gulf.

The National Urban League Conference, will last for three and a half days as they present Occupy the Vote: Employment & Education Empower the Nation, the clarion call for all conference participants to be informed and deeply engaged in the various elements of economic empowerment.

This conference is sponsored by Shell Oil!

No Justice No Peace

RSVP to our Facebook Event!

Bring chalk, signs, pots and pans, tentmonsters, costumes, water, yourself!

If you can’t attend, please let us know your demands for Obama!

Finally, you can follow @OccupyNOLA2012 on Twitter for updates.

@small_affair will be livestreaming this action http://bambuser.com/channel/smallaffair

Chalkupy Obama July 25

~ The Occupy New Orleans General Assembly