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Solidarity with Louisiana Bucket Brigade, Occupy Los Angeles, Hands Across The Sand, Students, Workers, and The 99%

Dear Friends, Activists, New Orleans Residents, and the 99%,

This is an exciting week in New Orleans, and Occupy NOLA is planning a few actions/events. Many of us will also be supporting actions of other activist groups in solidarity. For even more details about these events, visit our website Occupy The Stage.

Here are the details regarding the actions we have organized or are attending through August 9.

Thursday, August 2: 7pm

Direct Action Working Group Meeting Thurs August 2, 7pm Occupy The Stage

The Direct Action working group will meet at Occupy The Stage 2735c Toulouse Street to finalize plans for the August 7 event “The 99% And The Election, Which Way Forward for Students and Workers?

Saturday, August 4: 12:15 pm
We just learned about this parade from the Gulf Future Facebook page and members of OccupyNOLA/ Occupy The Stage will be attending!

Date: Saturday, August 4, 2012 at 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Location: Bayou St. John, under the trees at Orleans and Moss St. with a parade at 12:15 pm down Bayou St. John to the Bayou Beer Garden, 326 North Jefferson Davis Parkway, New Orleans, LA 70119.

Hands Across the Sand is a national day of unity where people are coming together to raise awareness about the consequences of offshore drilling. At noon, members of the community will join hands in solidarity to protect the Gulf of Mexico from unsafe oil and gas drilling and promote a clean energy economy for the Coast.

Folks are encouraged to walk, bike, kayak or canoe to get there without using oil. Bring an instrument or noise maker for the parade.

Sponsoring organizations: Gulf Restoration Network, Gulf Future, Sierra Club, Global Green, VAYLA and Louisiana Bucket Brigade


Saturday, August 4: 3pm Occupy NOLA General Assembly – Washington Square Park
Tuesday, August 7:  7pm

The 99% and the Elections: Which way forward for workers and youth?

Tuesday, August 7 at 7pm

NOTE: This event is occurring in lieu of the regular Occupy NOLA Tuesday General Assembly. Future Tuesday GAs will convene at 2735c Toulouse at 7pm per usual.

2903 Jefferson Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
The Global Occupy Movement erupted half a year ago to struggle to break the current relationships between wealth and power. While the 99% are sent to wars, pay higher tuition fess, face foreclosure, and lose jobs and services: the ruling 1% bail out their casino Wall Streets banks, give subsidies to monopolies like GE and BP, and have their established parties attack wages and collective bargaining rights. But while we stand up and fight their Big Business agenda of making the 99% pay for their global crisis, what should the elections mean to us? Join your community as we discuss the way forward to end the dictatorship of the 1%
Thursday, August 9 – Chalkupy in solidarity with Occupy Los Angeles call to action for Global Day of Chalkupy: Chalk The World (details being planned at DAWG tonight)
We hope to see  you at some of these events/actions. Please feel free to contact us with questions!