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A Call To Action: Demand public explanation for state-mandated budget cuts at University of New Orleans.

UNO professors have lost jobs amid state-mandated budget cuts. The University of New Orleans Press has be put on “hiatus.”  As tuition and class size increase and faculty are faculty jobs are cut, any new administrative positions should be made public.

Are you upset about budget cuts at The University of New Orleans?
Demand President Fos reveal UNO budget cuts and all administrative salaries!

OCCUPY NOLA demands the University of New Orleans

·     Publicize list of budget cuts

·     Publicize all administrators’ salaries to show that administration is bearing its proportion of the cuts

·     Stop utilization of the budget cuts for political ends

·     Publicize a list of all new administrative positions (including salaries) created by President Fos

See the following links for details:

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In Solidarity with students and teachers!
~ Occupy New Orleans General Assembly