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Written by Mike Howells

The People’s Convention Organizing Committee will meet 4:30pm Saturday at Café Flora in the Marigny section of New Orleans.  All who believe that there’s got to be a better way to organize a society than by putting the pursuit of profit ahead of human and environmental need are invited to attend. Additional information concerning the Peoples Convention project is presented below.

This is what democracy looks like in 2012.


The People’s Convention is where the  99%, not the 1%, sets the political agenda.  We the people, as opposed to we the rich, have needs and interests that are in fundamental conflict with the 1%.  We need, for example, low and moderate income housing, the right to organize ourselves into unions, living wage jobs,  public education, an end to imperialist war, and an end to the rampant discrimination against and brutalization of African Americans.  Given the 1%’s domination of  the leaders of  the Republicans and the Democrats the conventions of  America’s two ruling parties cannot help but sacrifice the interests of  the many to satisfy the seemingly boundless greed of the privileged few.   To allow the Republicans and Democrats, in this time of economic crisis, to continue to monopolize the setting of  the nation’s political agenda is a recipe for disaster for the 99 percent.

       So why hold a People’s Convention before the November 4 Presidential Election? Because the Budget Control Act of 2011, passed by the standing U.S. Congress and signed into law by the current President, guarantees that draconian cuts in federal funding for public services that we need and regressive tax increases that we don’t need will be the focus of Congressional activity during the weeks and months following the November 4.  The People’s Convention and the organizing for it will put the people in strong position to give a 99 percent to an attempt to shove a 1 percent budget down our throats.

What should  the People’s Agenda include?

A public works program open to all that pays a living wage?

Democracy not  oligarchy?

Respecting the right of everyone to safe and decent housing?

And end to brutalization of and discrimination against African Americans?

Immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan?

Selection rather than election?

Environmental justice rather than pillage of the environment?



Help Decide the Peoples Agenda: Come.

1pm to 5pm-Saturday.

October 27, 2012.

The People’s Convention.

5212 South Claiborne Avenue. New Orleans