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The Occupy NOLA GA Has Endorsed The International Student Movement

Tuesday September 18, 2012 G.A.
“The International Student Movement (ISM) is an independent communication platform for groups and activists around the world to exchange information, network and coordinate activities in our struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for free emancipatory education for all!”

Moreover Occupy NOLA will be conducting Outreach on local campuses. This Outreach will include (but will not be limited to) information about the following Events:

GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE Oct.18th & Nov.14-22nd 2012

Magpie Anthony is able to participate in this Voice Chat Meeting – Sept. 22nd
Continuing Coordinations for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE

We invited many members of Occupy NOLA to the Facebook event to the Global Education Strike. Please like the ISM Facebook page to stay updated.

Also, here are some great links to All In The Red and other organizations that help students organize.
Squarely In The Red

The Project on Student Debt

EDU Debtors Union

Occupy Education

Please add more resources in the comments section.