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The Occupy NOLA General Assembly met on September 22 and the minutes are published above under the tab “General Assembly” (or click HERE).

Main points:

People’s Convention Planning.

Name change for People’s Convention – Please refer to the October 27 event as The First People’s Convention in New Orleans from now on.


MH: It was the theme for the DNC.

SA: There is already a website for another People’s Convention

JW: It was a political party in communist Russia.

MH: Can we call it “The First People’s Convention in New Orleans”?

[Much discussion follows and consensus is reached. Name is changed on Facebook and this website and must be changed on flyers]

Occupy NOLA Actions

Occupy NOLA Direct Action Working Group meets on Tuesdays after GA and Convention Planning meets on Saturdays after GA.

On Tuesday, September 25, Occupy NOLA DAWG and GA will plan/discuss the October 18 Global Student Strike and the October 6th birthday of Occupy NOLA.

Outreach for The First People’s Convention in New Orleans was planned (see minutes for full details of outreach groups).

The First People’s Convention in New Orleans will involve participatory workshops! One workshop will focus on planning a creative election-related action for November 4. This will involve a portable voting booth with write-in ballots! This is necessary because Louisiana DOES NOT ALLOW Presidential Write-In-Ballots and the 99% should be allowed to write in a candidate.

This is just a brief summary of the minutes. Please click HERE to see the minutes in their entirety.

Please feel free to contact the minute-takers if any changes need to be made to the minutes.

~ Magpie Anthony and small affair.