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Occupy NOLA will hold a brief General Assembly at 4:30pm Saturday, in Cafe Flora, followed immediately by an organizing meeting for the October 27th First People’s Convention in New Orleans.

If you have the far sight to see that the 99 percent will be under the gun almost immediately after Election 2012 and needs to organize in defense of its own interest now, then this is a meeting to make time for.



Mike Howells


       On  MSNBC  news this morning, October 11th, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and former   Wyoming U.S.  Senator(R) Alan Simpson  observed that the presidential candidates of both major parties are avoiding the “fiscal cliff” issue. The fiscal cliff(fc) is the demon child of  the Budget Control Act of 2011.The FC  is scheduled to take effect on January 2nd if Congress is unable to find other ways to bring the federal budget in line prior to that date with what’s stipulated for it in the 2011 Budget Control Act.

       FC taking effect will mean draconian, across the board cuts in federal spending and painful tax hikes for low and medium income taxpayers.  For 2013 alone enforcement of  the fiscal cliff would translate into $110 billion in cuts in federal discretionary spending and a  tax increase, on average, of more than $2,000 for middle income taxpayers. Simpson and Blankfein agreed that going over the cliff would likely push an already sputtering national economy into a full fledged recession..  The former Wyoming Senator added that, in his opinion, there is about a 70% chance that Washington will let the country go over the fiscal cliff.. 

      Why, given the urgency and importance of the fiscal cliff, do Obama and Romney refuse to broach the issue on the campaign trail?  It seems clear  that both candidates have reached the conclusion that the savage austerity  unleashed by going over the cliff as well as the savage austerity that would have to be instituted to avoid going over the fiscal cliff without repealing the 2011 Budget Act would meet with strong disapproval from many 99 percent voters. .  So the presidential candidates of the major parties  have reached the cynical conclusion  that political expediency demands they not raise the fiscal cliff issue.  Sadly, the silence of  Obama and Romney indicates they are both willing to let rules of the budget game be dictated by the 2011 Budget Control Act.    

       That the leaders of the 1 percent parties are helping pave the way for an onslaught of  austerity directed at the 99 percent. almost immediately after the 2012 Elections, should come as  no surprise to anyone familiar with politics as usual in the United States.  What is disturbing is the silence of  much of the American left on the FC during these crucial months leading up to January 2nd. Why?  I am of the opinion that the politics of  the lesser evil, i.e. don’t rock the boat till Obama’s reelected, fuels much of  this silence.    

Hopefully, the October 27th First Peoples Convention in New Orleans will raise a 99 percent challenge to the wall of silence regarding the fiscal cliff that now imprisons many progressive and radical supporters of  President Obama.


This update was posted by Digital Media Working Group based on emails written by Mike Howells.