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Written By Mike Howells
    Obama and Romney also share a refusal to raise the “fiscal cliff” issue during televised debates or on the campaign trail.  Why is this important?  First, because silence on this issue strongly suggests that both presidential candidates accept the guidelines set for the federal budget by the Budget Control Act of 2011.  And abiding by the ” Act” means that, one way or another the President and the Congress must institute draconian cuts in federal services and hike taxes on the 99 percent even before the new Congress convenes in January.  And implementing the budget in accordance with the guidelines of the Act would savage the already tenuous federal safety net for the 99 percenters..
      Obama’s silence on the ticking time bomb that is the Act of 2011 has sent the  implicit message to  supporters to “overlook” this pressing matter until after the November elections.  And sadly, the lesser evil crowd that makes up the pro Obama left has swallowed this implicit message hook, line, and sinker.  So precious time to build a fight back against the inevitable push for the harshest austerity in U.S. history is being sacrificed for the sake of, hopefully, aiding the reelection of the President.  
And these are cuts  mandated to take effect even before the winners of the 2012 election are sworn into office.
       The giant iceberg that is the  austerity mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011 is in plain view.  At the very least, those of us who are aware of the gravity of this problem,  can begin to lay the ground work for popular resistance to the “Act”.
We need to demand that Obama. since he is President, inform us what his administrations game plan is during the interlude of  between the November elections and the convening of the new Congress in January which will be dominated by the “fiscal cliff” issue. Furthermore, the 99% needs to organize now around the demand for the repeal of the Budget Control Act of 2011.  It’s with this in mind, above all else, that I am committed to participate in the First Peoples Convention in New Orleans on October 27th at the Unitarian Universalist Church on South Claiborne and Jefferson avenues.  This, in my opinion, represents the best opportunity for 99 percenters in New Orleans, to begin organizing against the savage austerity of the Act. I invite everyone reading this message to join me.

Mike Howells .