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The 99% Voting Booth and Occupy Puppet Theater

November 6 from 12pm – 6pm – Come out and write-in a presidential candidate who represents the 99% at The 99% Voting Booth.

Why? Because our two party political system can not produce candidates who represent the people!

All people who live in Louisiana are welcome to vote at the 99% Election Booth including:
•    those under the age of 18
•    those serving felony sentences
•    non-citizens
•    those judicially declared mentally incompetent
•    people who do not have the required mailing address (i.e. homeless people)

Q: Why should I come to your voting booth?

A: Unlike the State of Louisiana, The 99% Voting Booth welcomes write-in candidates (at least symbolically) and we will have a puppet show.

List of all 8 states that do not allow write-in candidates: http://votewritein.com/writeincandidate.html

Q: Isn’t it lazy to not vote?

A: We acknowledge that government in the United States is corrupt and broken, and by boycotting we effectively withhold our consent – to have our leaders chosen for us by an Electoral College system that is defunct; to be governed by leaders that are being purchased by silent corporate donors via SuperPACs at this moment; to lend legitimacy through our votes to any of these defective systems.  We do this not out of any sense of futility, apathy or lethargic disinterest.  We boycott out of outrage, and we do it actively.  We are vocal, we are visible, we are informed. Occupy NOLA rejects the 2 party system.

Q: What about Obama? He is the lesser of two evils. Romney will be much worse.

A: Obama (like Romney) represents ONLY the corporations who are funding his campaigns and voting despite this fact only perpetuates the illusion that those in government represent us the people. Nothing will change until this illusion is broken!

The NDAA Ruling horrifies us, as does The Budget Act of 2011.
We are not alone.  Check out this video showing how many Obama supporters actually hate his policies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Skw-0jv9kts

The Electoral College has turned our presidential elections into massive (spending) efforts to win the votes of a small number of voters in a few key states, rather than the support of the American people as a whole.  It is estimated that campaign spending in the 2012 presidential contest will reach $2.5 billion, up from $1.7 billion in 2008.  This is brazen, de facto gaming of the Electoral College system, and will continue until said system is eliminated.

Q: Are you telling me not to vote?

A: No. While we are refusing to vote for Repulicrats, we are not suggesting that people do not vote at all.

Q: What about amendments to Louisiana Constitution?

A: There are 9 Louisiana Constitutional Amendments on the ballot, and Occupy NOLA supports voting for those and learning about them now (if you have not already).
Read The Gambit’s analysis here: http://www.bestofneworleans.com/gambit/constitutional-amendments/Content?oid=2086231

Q: What about 3rd Party Candidates?

A: We certainly are not telling anyone not to vote for a 3rd party candidate; some members of Occupy NOLA might do just that, while others might not vote for a presidential candidate.

Here are some quotes from Presidential Boycott 2012 about why some people refuse to vote for third party candidates.

“The problem with voting for a Third Party is that it legitimizes the two-party system by falsely pretending that there are viable choices beyond the Dems and the Reps. That is just not true. The Ds and Rs have set up the system in such a way that no third party, no matter how viable or popular, could ever gain access to enough ballots, to seats at debates, or funding for advertising, to ever make a mark. When you play along with a game you know is rigged, you legitimize it.” -Election Boycotter Ted Rall

“We see you and we know full well what you’re doing and what you’re about.  We refuse to be props in your electoral theater sham. We have more dignity than that. We cannot stop your show, but we will not be attending. We are joining with one another standing tall and defiant. We are working to ‘build a culture of resistance’ and to carry on a ‘sustained opposition to those who do harm to the people’ (Glen Ford).”

Q: Where can I learn more?
Check out our election resources here:


Q: Does this mean you will be living in tents?
A: NO!

Come out and write-in your candidate at our Voting Booth and learn about how much Occupy NOLA has changed in the past year.

With love and Solidarity,

Occupy NOLA