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The 99% Voting Booth and Occupy Puppet Theater will take place on November 6 from 12pm – 6pm

Why? Because our two party political system can not produce candidates who represent the people!

List of candidates not on ballot by state.

Where? On the neutral ground on Orleans Avenue between N. Alexander and N. Murat. This is near the polling location at Dilbert Elementary School 
but is 600 feet away (see RS 18:1462 and 600 feet law regarding polling locations here)

All people who live in Louisiana are welcome to vote at the 99% Election Booth including:
•    those under the age of 18
•    those serving felony sentences
•    non-citizens
•    those judicially declared mentally incompetent
•    people who do not have the required mailing address (i.e. homeless people)
Unlike the State of Louisiana, The 99% Voting Booth welcomes write-in candidates!

Voters can also sign a petition to Overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

Information about the crooked two-party system will be presented at the Occupy Puppet Theater!

Evil is evil, picking the lesser of the two 56 times is what has gotten us to this point.


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