This is Wampi and I’m very disappointed in my fellow Americans today…but not for what you might think.

See, yesterday there were several proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot. When I showed up at the polls I had my filled out sample ballot and the actual wording on the ballot, what the present law does and what the amendment would do, a plain language guide that Rep. Nick Larusso sent out and the gambit analysis. I figured that with an hour wait someone might want to read them. What I didn’t realize is just how many of our voters are horribly uninformed. I ended up talking with the lady in front of me about some of the amendments and the man behind me was like “there are amendments on this ballot?!?”. I passed the man all my info which I never saw again since it ended up being passed from person to person behind me. And it’s not like the main stream media ignored these. Gambit had been writing about it since late Sept, Advocate since mid Oct, posted an article, WWL radio had at least two radio shows on it and all the local TV news stations had at least one segment on them. So why was this a surprise to people?

It also surprised me how many people blindly supported Amendment 2 – “expanding” gun rights. When I heard people talking about it I would ask them.. do you know that scope of what that amendment will do? People would answer no but it’s for supporting gun rights so it *MUST* be good. I would explain to them that it would limit laws against carrying a concealed weapon on places like school grounds or limit courts taking away a concealed weapons permit in domestic abuse cases. Most people were shocked that it could do that. Not to mention we are a pretty lenient state when it comes to guns and our current law didn’t have problems that needed fixing. But hurr de durrr GUN RIGHTS!!! Amendment 2 passed by the way.

But you know I shouldn’t be surprised… yesterday I asked many people if they knew what the Citizens United decision was. Not a single one knew. This isn’t something *new* and it really hasn’t been ignored by main stream media like the NDAA has. But here I am giving quick and dirty rundowns of Citizens United to people who should know what is going on BEFORE they vote.

I can bet good money that most of the people at the polls yesterday knew more about “reality” TV plot lines than what is going on with their own government. It is obvious now that common American has become lazy and complacent. Don’t like how the election turned out? Then do more than just show up to vote.

I leave you with a clip from something I wish was reality. -wampi