by Mike Howells

Even before  the Election 2012 shouting is over, the President, yes President Obama, and the standing members of  the U.S. Congress will be aggressively pursuing the multi -trillion dollar scheme to extort trillions of dollars from the 99 percent that the corporate media refers to as the “fiscal cliff”

Make no mistake about it.  The President and the Congressional Caucuses of both major capitalist parties will very soon be telling us that they have no choice but to inflict the most severe cuts ever to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, affordable housing, environmental protection, education, public employee wages and jobs, and every other federal service that benefits the 99 percent.  The real question is whether the 99 percent will mount  determined, mass resistance to this attempt by the political servants of the U.S. ruling class to dramatically escalate the cost that the working and middle classes will pay for the bailout of the banks and other mega corporations?

The time is now for the Gulf Coast Peoples Convention, and hopefully many other organizations of the grass roots,  to mobilize against the nightmarish plan of austerity built into the Budget Control Act of  2011.  It is the proposal here that we, the Gulf Coast Peoples Convention, focus on building a day of  action  against the 99 percent being shoved off the fiscal cliff by the 1 percent.  The date I am proposing for a region wide day of action against we the people being pushed of  the fiscal cliff is December 15th.  This day of action is by no means a be all and end all when it comes to organizing against the 1 percents rush to the fiscal cliff as January 2nd approaches.  However,  I do believe agreeing on a day of  action against austerity in December, as agreed up at the Peoples Convention would serve as a valuable to for organizing determine mass resistance on the Gulf Coast to Washington’s imminent push for draconian austerity.   

I welcome and encourage responses to this proposal

Mike Howells.  New Orleans.

The fiscal cliff issue will be discussed at the  Occupy NOLA General Assembly meeting 7pm Tuesday, November 13th.  This meeting will be held at Occupy the Stage on 2735 C Toulouse Street. All are welcome to attend and participate at this meeting.