All are invited to a presentation and general discussion of the Fiscal Cliff.

The Occupy NOLA GA will not be meeting on Saturday Dec 1. Instead, join Occupy NOLA at 3pm to discuss The Fiscal Cliff at The First Unitarian Universalist Church. 5212 S. Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans.

Description of event by Mike Howells

Since Election 2012 the “fiscal cliff” has emerged as the dominant issue of public discourse in this country.  The President and the Congress agree that something must be done to prevent the U.S. from going over the fiscal cliff.  The talking heads of the corporate media maintain that the only way the U.S. Government can avoid going over the fiscal cliff is through “shared sacrifices” by rich and poor alike in the name of getting America’s fiscal house in order.  In a nutshell  the  rich are expected to make the “sacrifice” while everyone  else is expected to accept deep cuts in entitlement programs, including Medicare, Medicaid,  and Social Security.

The fiscal cliff debate raises questions of profound importance to the 99 percent. What is the fiscal cliff?  How does downsizing “entitlements” in the pursuit of lower public debt really affect the 99 percent? Is what’s presented as “shared sacrifice” really shared in any meaningful sense of the word?
Listen and contribute to public discussion of  the fiscal cliff issue from a 99 percent perspective:

The Fiscal Cliff and Our Reality. A presentation followed by general discussion.
3pm Saturday.  December 1st.
First Unitarian Universalist Church.
5212 S. Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans.

This talk is free and open to all. For additional information contact Mike at howellnow@bellsouth.net.