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Solidarity with Diane and Bob, who are on a Hunger Strike to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline. See more photos and read their full blogs here: http://tarsandsblockade.org/diane_bob_blog_day11/

“All my life the Gulf Coast has been an environmental sacrifice zone, and enough is enough,” declared Diane Wilson, who spent over twenty years organizing to stop chemical plants from dumping toxins directly into Gulf waters. “Keystone XL will bring the dirtiest fuel on the planet right down to the Gulf, where already overburdened communities like Manchester will be forced to suffer even more. After decades of toxic air in Manchester, I refuse to just let them continue to punish this community. I won’t eat until Valero divests from Keystone XL.”

–Diane Wilson, co-founder of Code Pink, the Texas Jail Project, Texas Injured Workers, Injured Workers National Network, Executive Director of the San Antonio Bay Waterkeeper’s.

Tar Sands Blockade reports: “Bob Lindsey and Diane Wilson on the 11th day of a Sustained Hunger Strike to demand that Valero completely divest from the KXL Pipeline and vacate the Manchester community of Houston that they have been poisoning and exploiting for decades.  They are pictured here wearing masks as a display of solidarity with all those who do not have the privilege of having their identity exposed.  In the neighborhood of Manchester many people have differing levels of “legal” status.  Let us make their struggle our struggle as well.”
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