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Call to action: Solidarity Jeremy Hammond Birthday Wishes

Tuesday, January 8th is Jeremy Hammond’s birthday. He will spend it in the Metropolitan Correctional Center.
It would be great if people could take a minute to send a postcard or letter wishing Jeremy Hammond a Happy Birthday.
The address to mail postcards/letters to Jeremy is as follows:Jeremy Hammond – #18729-424, Metropolitan Correctional Center, 150 Park Row , New York, New York, 10007
You can also post in this Facebook Event Mail To Jail, and Jeremy’s lawyer will pass along the birthday wish.
FOR MORE INFO ON JEREMY PLEASE VISIT: http://freehammond.org/

or  https://www.facebook.com/supporthammond

Happy Birthday Jeremy - Jan 8th

Happy Birthday Jeremy – Jan 8th

If you’d like to buy a Free Hammond Sticker, go HERE!

100% of the purchase price goes to Freehammond directly through his commissary account and http://www.freeanons.org

In the summer, the Occupy NOLA General Assembly reached unanimous consensus in favor of showing solidarity with Jeremy Hammond and other political prisoners.

~ Magpie Anthony

Occupy NOLA Digital Media Working Group