Call to Action! Please call The Office of The Attorney General and take a stand about BP.


Please call:

Attorney General, Eric H. Holder, Jr., 202-514-2001

Deputy Attorney General, James Cole, 202-514-2101.

Tell them it’s time to take a stand.

Full Trial No Settlement. Full Disclosure. Citizen Voice.

BP – A Serial Corporate Killer


Just over a year ago, an almost simultaneous set of police raids shut down protest encampments associated with the “Occupy” movement across the United States. At the time speculation raged about behind-the-scenes coordination, but very little substantial evidence had come forward to back up the accusations. Then, just before Christmas, as if as a gift, we suddenly got a glimpse inside the workings of this insidious machine.

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, an American civil rights group, released documents they just obtained through the Freedom of Information Act detailing the official response to Occupy Wall Street. These documents, which they’ve provided online, detail hostile and coordinated efforts to portray the movement as a “criminal and terrorist threat” beginning a month before the encampment itself. In a linked effort by the FBI, Homeland Security, police forces, regional “fusion centres” and private security, sometimes united into a single entity: the Domestic…

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