The following “report-backs” are included here in the event that members of Digital Media and Occupy The Stage are unable to attend tonight’s GA. These are not intended to be “all inclusive.”


Occupy The Stage:

Jan 19

Members of OTS are going to march in Krewe Delusion on Saturday Jan 19 as the innerkrewe “Guise of Fawkes.” The theme of the parade is a secret, but OTS will obviously include throws, propaganda, and a theme that represents its mission statement and takes into consideration the anniversary of Citizens United. Only 2 members have been able to afford the dues for this Krewe so far, so OTS (this includes small affair who is a member of OTS) is very busy preparing for the parade. Any help making throws, costumes, etc is appreciated. Please contact if you would like to help.

(note from small affair: “Help” means come and help us, not contact us asking us to promote something on your behalf.)

Super Bowl

Occupy The Stage has been making “This Shirt Is Illegal” stencils and shirts to protest the NFL Super Bowl Clean Zone. Please see for info and a stencil you can download and come to a GA or contact or if you want to participate in protesting the Clean Zone during the Super Bowl.

Digital Media Working Group:

Occupy NOLA has had a working email address for several months. Please email with general questions about Occupy NOLA.

The Digital Media Working Group is NOT empowered by the General Assembly to accept proposals digitally and announce them on the internet. Proposals should be made at General Assemblies. If someone is unable to attend a GA, they are welcome to email Except in the case of an emergency, Facebook and the personal email accounts and phone numbers of the Digital Media Working Group should not be used to ask questions about information that is on this website or the Occupy The Stage website.

All events and announcements are included on the websites for Occupy The Stage and Occupy NOLA. Please email small affair judiciously if you feel it necessary to contact her using her personal email. She is unable to reply to emails with inquiries that can be answered by visiting this website or the OTS website.

Gulf Coast People’s Convention Planning Group:

Please remember that The Gulf Coast People’s Convention exists independently of Occupy NOLA. The GCPC is supporting Idle No More and other causes. Please go to the Facebook Group for GCPC or email if you want to be involved. See the GCPC website also.

This is an incomplete list of report backs in the event that not all members of OTS and DMWG are able to attend tonight’s GA.

~ small affair