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Hedges v. Obama NDAA Lawsuit Press Conference, 2/6/2013

Thank you Sparrow Media for this excellent coverage we’ve quoted below.

A lawsuit over a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was back in federal court at 10am on February 6, 2013, awaiting decision on an injunction prohibiting indefinite detention of civilians without charge or trial. A group of academics, journalists, and activists filed suit last year over § 1021(b)(2) of the NDAA alleging that the provision suspended due process rights and threatened first amendment protections.

This video contains highlights of the press conference by plaintiffs, lawyers, amici, and supporters outside the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals on February 6th, shortly after court adjourned. Below is a list of the speakers as well as linked minute markers indicating where they appear in the video (should you want to skip around)

Chris Hedges
Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist & Plaintiff
(at start & again at 39:20)

Daniel Ellsberg
Pentagon Papers Whistle Blower & Plaintiff
(at 16:20, 40:48)

Tangerine Bolen
RevolutionTruth Executive Director & Plaintiff
(at 13:20, 42:55)

Jacob Appelbaum
Computer Security Expert with the TOR Project
(at 31:44)

Alexa O’Brien
US Day of Rage Founder & Plaintiff
(at 21:44)

Thomas Drake
National Security Agency Whistle Blower
(at 27:08)

Jesselyn Raddick
Director of National Security & Human Rights, Government Accountability Project & Amici
(at 25:34)

Bruce Afran
Counsel, Hedges v. Obama
(at 2:58, 12:04, 12:56, 32:44, 34:52, 36:28, 38:14)

Carl Mayer
Counsel, Hedges v. Obama
(at 9:35, 12:38, 33:44, 35:28, 37:48, 38:37)