I will bring this as a proposal at General Assembly February 19 2013 – small affair

I will ask Occupy NOLA to consent to join the new Tent City United Day of Action – April 1.

What is Tent City United Day of Action on April 1?
Tent City is an effort by activists from the Occupy movement in Oakland, Austin and New York to reclaim public space for one day on April 1st 2013.

Here are some great details I’m quoting from Occupy Austin’s website.

Occupy Austin calls on activists in Austin, and world wide, to create tent cities in public and private spaces on April 1, 2013. Tent City United will be a day of action in support of free speech, public ownership of public spaces, and the right of all humanity to have a safe place to live.
This will be a nonviolent action and we encourage all encampments to adopt an appropriate code of conduct and safer spaces agreement where possible.
In Austin, this action will be a joint effort by the Tent City working group and Occupy Austin Tactics and Strategy (OATS).

Why Tent City United?
The purpose of this action is not necessarily to create a new encampment, though of course that is wonderful if it happens. It’s to raise awareness about a number of issues — the plight of people without homes and the poor, whose very existence is illegal in some cities like Austin, the attacks on free speech and the loss of public spaces, etc. It also is a deliberate attempt to capitalize on the continued power of the tent as a symbol of free speech.

What Could You Do April 1
Actions can take place anywhere and by groups of any size. You could:
    •    Pitch 1 or many tents in a park or other public space. Or many small tents in many different public spaces.
    •    Pitch tents in a bank or other private space as an act of nonviolent civil disobedience.
    •    Wear Tent Monster costumes.
    •    Spread paper Tiny Tents in strategic places.
    •    March with tents.
    •    Pitch a tent in your front yard decorated with a sign and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.
    •    Etc.

Details that can be found online: Link to Facebook Event for the NATIONAL Tent City United Day of Action (Occupy NOLA does not publicize events on Facebook, but this event was created by other Occupy Groups so it might be nice to go there and read there details): https://www.facebook.com/events/481236308602494/
Twitter: @TentCityUnited

I am posting this proposal here so people can read it in advance.