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The Occupy NOLA General Assembly reached unanimous consensus on the following proposals:

1. Occupy NOLA will stand with New Orleans Street Exchange street newspaper by responding to their calls for volunteers including but not limited to submitting content, spreading word about papers, helping with Digital Media, and more. Copies of The Exchange are available at the OTS warehouse free of charge.

2. Feb 21 – Solidarity with Jeremy Hammond Courthouse Support Rally

We cannot be in NY for the rally at 9:30 am, but we will commit ourselves to Outreach, Letter writing, and Chalkupy


3. Feb 23 Chalkupy and creative demonstrations (location TBA) in response to the following calls to action:


FreeBradley                       image from Bradley Manning Support Network


4. Solidarity with NOLA taxi drivers as they continue to struggle with City Hall.  (#OpWrestlemania 2014 was discussed).More to come.

5. Participate in Tent City United Day of Action April 1, 2013 in solidarity with Occupy Austin, Occupy Wall Street NY, Occupy Oakland, and all homeless people, occupiers, and people who value public space.

Working groups will meet TBA to plan creative, strategic actions. Since this is a solidarity event, we are sharing the link to the Tent City United Facebook Event and encourage people to follow Twitter hashtag #TentCity and account @TentCityUnited

Occupy NOLA’s plans:

  • March of the Tentmonsters
  • Make and place Tiny Tents in strategic places.
  • Pitch tents in strategic public spaces
  • Parade with tents in front of surveillance cameras


NOTE: These events will be listed separately on the home page of occupythestage.net within 24 hours.

6. Legal Team Liaisons will work on filing FOIA requests and handling any finances required. Please contact us via email for information if you’d like to help. info@occupyneworleans.us