The Occupy NOLA General Assembly supports this statewide march on Baton Rouge.


March on Baton Rouge!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 11am

Enough Is Enough!!!

Assemble at the State Capitol, 11am,  March to the Governor’s mansion, DHH building, then back to State Capitol for Rally!


Health Care

Expand Medicaid! Save Huey P. Long Charity Hospital! Save the Charity System and Public Healthcare Hospitals! Justice for Public Hospital Workers!

Sponsors: Enough Is Enough!!!, Coalition to Save Our State, American Federation of State, County & Municipal, Employees (AFSCME), Committee to Save Southeast Louisiana Hospital (SELH)

March Supporters: United Teachers of  New Orleans (UTNO), Community Voice, Louisiana Freedmen Missionary Baptist General Association, Children’s Defense Fund-Louisiana, Advocates for LA Public Health Care (ALPH), Occupy NOLA

For State-wide info: 318 792 6187, 318 730 3622, or 318 623 2639. Write to: P.O. Box 4041, Pineville, LA 7136

For Greater New Orleans info and transportation info:  Derrick Morrison 504 908 5410

It’s an issue of Life or Death!!!