Quote from Michael Ratner regarding Jeremy Hammond’s non-cooperating guilty plea to one count of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

“He is a source for journalists,” Ratner said. “When they released the Stratfor e-mails, 31 major media organizations all over the world — McClatchey, Rolling Stone, and others, published material from Stratfor,” Ratner said. “He should be looked at as a source, as a whistle-blower. He, like other whistle-blowers in this country, ought to be protected, because they’re the only thing that let us know what our government and our private security companies are doing and they’re the only things that can keep this government even close to honest.”

Full article “Jeremy Hammond Pleads Guilty in Stratfor Hack, Could Serve 10 Years in Prison” here:



Solidarity, Jeremy Hammond.