Occupy NOLA and Occupy The Stage statement in solidarity in response to: Calling on people of all cities of the world! Come out this weekend and reclaim your public spaces to show solidarity with #OccupyGezi and the many waves of protests in Turkey!

Occupy NOLA and Occupy The Stage support Taksim Solidarity’s immediate demands from June 6


We sincerely hope that these and other demands are met.

Occupy NOLA and Occupy The Stage share many of the concerns these demands address and have addressed them recently. Below are a few examples from Occupy NOLA’s 2013 actions and campaigns that relate to the June 6 OccupyGezi demands.

Parks and community voice in public space:

Parks and public space has actually been a recent issue Occupy NOLA has addressed specifically, proactively, and peacefully. Occupy NOLA and its working group Occupy The Stage fought with Save Markey Park, a group of community members who demanded that the people have a voice in decisions made regarding the use of public space. After months of attending city and neighborhood meetings, participating in creative demonstrations and creating media to raise awareness of an issue not being covered by mainstream media, we are happy to announce that there will be an off-leash dog area in Markey Park, which is what the community had wanted all along. The Save Markey Park community reached out to Occupy NOLA when they learned that the city was ignoring their voices.

As of Thursday, June 6, Markey Park is the people’s park.

Police Repression and Brutality: 

In addition to other actions, Occupy NOLA has supported the vigil held by Community United for Change and petitioned Mayor Landrieu to accept the NOPD and OPP consent decrees and has sent livestreamers into the field repeatedly to document cases of police repression of vendors, street musicians, and citizens. Individual members have supported NOPD Hates Me, a campaign “dedicated to reforming the New Orleans Police Department by finally having it cooperate with Black & other excluded stakeholders as its employer, instead of as objects to be ignored.”

Bywater Rising, an affinity group of Occupy The Stage, held two protests in solidarity with live musicians who have been hassled by NOPD and in solidarity with government crack down on live music venues.

Tear Gas and Bombs: We are obviously opposed to this, even though we have not directly encountered tear gas and bombs here. However,  the digital media working group has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the tear gas and bombs being used in Turkey currently and have tried to raise awareness about this. Our primary livestreamer speaks some Turkish and used Twitter to communicate with new livestreamers at Occupy Gezi, helping them connect with Global Revolution, Citizen Streams, and Your Anon Live and other supporters. We are sincerely committed to assisting with the media needs of those who are on media blackout.

Detained Citizens Must Be Released Immediately

Occupy The Stage has been committed to supporting #OpPenPal and The Anonymous Solidarity Network for some time. A series of actions included two Mardi Gras parades with a Free Anons float, which Occupy The Stage built. It was pulled by a bicycle, and members of Occupy The Stage distributed literature, writing materials, stamped envelopes addressed to political prisoners, and stickers for #OpValentine.

Occupy The Stage recently hosted Justice Fest, which included solidarity support for the NATO5, The Cleveland 4, and Free Anons, as well as other political prisoners.

In April of 2013, one of our members attended a noise demo at MCC in solidarity with Jeremy Hammond,  livestreamed and attended the rally at the court house. She also attended the hearing and has spent a great deal of time spreading awareness about #FreeHammond.

Trilumination Projection Squad from Occupy The Stage has been projecting videos about the NDAA on urban walls and spreading awareness about the need to repeal NDAA Sections 1021 and 1022. Our members have supported/been active with PANDA Unite as well.

Meetings and demonstration bans

Occupy The Stage bottom-lined the protest against the City of New Orleans during the SuperBowl. This protest occurred after Occupy NOLA’s general assembly passed a proposal to address Mayor Landrieu’s Clean Zone and its violation of the first amendment. While one member of Occupy NOLA was the named plaintiff in the ACLU lawsuit that successfully sued the city of New Orleans and won the right to demonstrate anywhere in the clean zone, this campaign #OpSuperBowl, which included direct action, took the entire working group Occupy The Stage. This action was done in solidarity with the many citizens of New Orleans who did not benefit from the NFL’s presence in the city. We used all of our media outlets to interview taxi drivers, artists, street performers, and citizens who were upset about the negative effects SB47 had on the community. We also documented what we could regarding various government agencies working with DHS and the FBI. We do not accept police states.

We have held many other demonstrations in public places and will continue to do so. The fact that many of our members are not willing to “re-occupy” in the form of setting up a physical encampment should not be seen as a sign of weakness.

Our actions are carefully researched, carefully planned, carefully timed.

We would like to show solidarity with the people of Turkey on June 8, 2013 and have announced the following:

English: Hello, we are from Occupy New Orleans in the United States. On June 8 at 12pm Occupy New Orleans invites you to gather in Jackson square in solidarity with occupiers in Turkey! We will rally and march in solidarity with freedom fighters in Turkey and around the world. Please join us at the intersection of Pirate’s Alley and Jackson Square.  Bring flags, signs, banners, instruments, chalk, pots and pans, your friends, to show solidarity with Occupy Gezi. We love you. ~ Occupy NOLA

Turkish: Merhaba, biz ABD’de New Orleans işgal gelmektedir. 12 de 8 Haziran’da işgal New Orleans Türkiye’de işgalci ile dayanışma içinde Jackson meydanında toplamak için davet ediyor! Türkiye’de ve dünyada özgürlük savaşçıları ile dayanışma içinde ralli ve yürüyüş olacaktır. Korsan Alley ve Jackson Square kesiştiği bize katılın. Gezi işgal dayanışma göstermek için bayraklar, işaretler, afiş, aletleri, tebeşir, tencere ve tavalar, arkadaşlarınız, getirin. Seni seviyoruz. ~ Işgal nola

As you can see, we share many of the same concerns that our brothers and sisters in Turkey have presented with their demands.

Much like Occupy NOLA and other Occupy groups around the world, many protesters in Turkey emphasize that they are a people, not a political party!

Here is one place where one can learn more about the Turkish revolution: What Is Happening In Istanbul?

Read more about The diverse Revolt of Turkish Youth and the Production of the Political

Some of the banners read “we are not a political party, we are the people”, “we claim religion without AKP, Atatürk without CHP, motherland without MHP, Kurdish rights without BDP, we are the people”.

Millions are in revolt in Turkey. Although the revolt is called the Gezi Park Resistance, it is no longer about saving trees and parks from the neoliberal capitalist governmental plan of urban renewal. Instead, it is a cry of millions of young people for more freedom and democracy. This is a historic protest of young people, belonging to different social classes, holding different sociocultural and political stands that have no political agenda other than the collective will to end state authoritarianism. It is also momentous due to its politicizing effect on millions of middle class urbanite young people who are often criticized as an apolitical digital generation by their elders. Although this uprising is mobilized and mainly consists of young people of different demographic traits, it is also supported and participated by people from all walks of life and different political stripes across the country.

We are Occupy NOLA and Occupy The Stage. We are people who will answer this call to solidarity by demonstrating in Jackson Square, and we invite you to join us for a creative demonstration and solidarity march.  We have no plans to “reoccupy” by establishing an encampment in Jackson Square.



This is not intended to be an all inclusive list of Occupy NOLA or Occupy The Stage’s accomplishments, demands, goals, or plans. It is merely a list of activities we have been involved in recently that make us feel especially connected with Occupy Gezi.