Rally to Stand for Truth and Restore the 4th Amendment!

Justin Amash Amendment To Stop NSA Data Collection Voted Down In House

“We’re here today for a very simple reason: to defend the Fourth Amendment, to defend the privacy of each and every American,” Amash said as he introduced his measure. Lawmakers’ votes, he said, would answer one simple question, “Do we oppose the suspicionless collection of every American’s phone records?”
Apparently, the answer was no. The House voted 217-205 to defeat the amendment Wednesday evening.


The defeat of Amash Amendment reinforces the pressing need for the majority of the people in this country who oppose dragnet style NSA information sweeps to vote with their feet in defense of democratic rights.  Those who read this message will have an opportunity to do just that by joining the Justice for Whistle-blowers Rally in New Orleans at 12pm Friday at the Hale Boggs Federal Building!

  • Support Edward Snowden for exposing the vast, international spy network that he exposed.
  • Demand his safe passage to asylum and his right to be protected as a whisleblower.
  • Demand the dismantling of the U.S. led international spy network.


Also Facebook event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/368864619902537/

More details and printable Snowden masks here: https://www.smore.com/wxgq-stand-for-truth-rally-nola

Friday, July 26th 12 pm #Stand4Truth!