Occupy NOLA is happy to support the important dialogue between Occupy Detroit, Occupy NATGAT, Idle No More and AIM referenced in the letter below.

We sincerely hope that this will be a healing exchange for all involved.

Occupy NOLA endorsed the Occupy National Gathering 2013 months ago, and support unity between people’s of all colors and affiliations. We stand in solidarity to all groups involved in the interest of peace and prosperity.

~ Occupy NOLA


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am reaching out for the sake of unity and understanding, brotherhood and sisterhood across all things that have historically divided the people and destroyed the land. Recently there was a riff between the Occupy movement and Idle No More individuals which we are very saddened to see. Historically, within Occupy Detroit specifically, we have enjoyed fellowship between one another as brothers and sisters. I would like to see continued works of unity between us as individuals, irreguardless of our respective affiliations. May this communion bring continued strength and comradery among one another, person to person and heart to heart for the sake of peace and prosperity, and healing of our earth and everyone on it.


We hope you will accept our visit as a chance to continue a healing exchange.

Jarah Lo