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Matt DeHart Matt DeHart

Matt DeHart is an American, a former soldier, former drone pilot, former Anon, former World of Warcraft guild master, former would-be defector, and, according to the FBI, a former child porn producer.

No child porn has ever been found on his computers, his smart phones, or his external storage devices.

Matt DeHart is also an asylum seeker in Canada, seeking refuge from the gaggle of American agencies that go by three initials. He claims they tortured him. It’s a long story, told in detail via a five-part series in the National Post, but it boils down to this:

According to Matt and his parents, the child porn charges are a frame-up concocted by the FBI as an excuse to keep Matt intimidated, under control, and off the internet, where he may have assisted WikiLeaks in receiving a leaked Top Secret document. Bonus points: the FBI allegedly want…

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