Digital Media Working Group – DMWG

Group Objective, Focus(es) and/ or Philosophy:

Creation and dispersal of media with the use of numerous technologies, sometimes simultaneously.

Resources that could assist the group’s growth:

Printing resources, social networking and promotion, tripods, blank cds/ dvrs, technical assistance.

Contact information: 

Please see the following websites and social networking accounts:

OccupyThe Stage website

Livestream currently being used

OccupyNOLA2013 Twitter

Occupy The Stage Twitter

Occupy NOLA Facebook

Occupy The Stage Facebook

Tumblr archive with as much history of Occupy NOLA as we can collect.

DISCLAIMER: The admins of the Occupy NOLA facebook page are not able to issue calls for direct action/physical encampments autonomously or at the request of random community members who don’t attend general assemblies. If someone would like to suggest that Occupy NOLA plan a specific direct action, we suggest they contact the Direct Action Working Group or contact us about a meeting or have a meeting and make a flyer for the event and ask us to share it on the Facebook page.

From the GA Notes of Nov 13, 2012

2. PROPOSAL: Digital Media Should Not Use Facebook to Post Details Related To Occupy NOLA or OTS Direct Actions Prior to Actions. Passed Unanimously

Digital Media will not post specific details related to upcoming Occupy NOLA or Occupy The Stage actions or civil disobedience on the Occupy NOLA or Occupy The Stage Facebook Pages or in Facebook groups and will not create Facebook events for direct actions or civil disobedience. This does NOT pertain to write-ups AFTER Occupy NOLA/OTS actions have occurred and does NOT pertain to posting information about teach-ins, petitions, community service opportunities, OTS performances, or General Assembly times and dates. This policy only applies to Facebook and does NOT apply to websites or other social networking sites or emails at this time. The GA has agreed unanimously that plans for direct action and civil disobedience will not be posted on Facebook by Digital Media.  Members of Occupy NOLA/OTS are encouraged to use discretion when using Facebook. Anyone who would like to discuss the nuances of the internet should attend a meeting of the Digital Media Working Group.

NOTE: The Occupy NOLA General Assembly agreed unanimously that Occupy NOLA Digital Media cannot promote direct action online on behalf of Occupy NOLA without consulting the General Assembly. This means that members of Digital Media cannot use the Occupy NOLA Facebook page or websites or emails or Twitter accounts to ask the general public to start physical occupations, encampments, or engage in Civil Disobedience without consulting the General Assembly and reaching consensus. When actions are planned by the Direct Action Working Group (empowered by the General Assembly) or the General Assembly or by individual working groups (this includes Occupy The Stage) several steps are taken including consulting the Legal Team.

The Digital Media Working Group is empowered to share press releases and notices from other activists as long as they are careful to clarify what is and is not an Occupy NOLA event.


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