Direct Action Working Group – DAWG

Has not met since summer of 2013: description preserved for posterity.

Meets when necessary.

Group Objective, Focus(es) and/ or Philosophy:

To mobilize the 99% in direct actions in the pursuit of social justice.

Resources that could assist the group’s growth:

Fliers/ printing resources, speakers, phone-calls, signs, outreach to other individuals/ groups.

Contact information:

If you would like to participate with, or have questions, please feel free to leave a comment on this wordpress site.


NOTE: Occupy NOLA’s General Assembly voted unanimously on Nov 13, 2012 to NOT create Facebook events or post details about direct action on Facebook. What that means is that we may be having a direct action, but details will not be posted on Facebook.

Please see or this website for information.



1 thought on “Direct Action Working Group – DAWG”

  1. Sorry fellas, thought I could be of help, but due to other circumstances and personal pursuits I feel I can no longer be of help…Good Luck and I wish you the best…. Mike

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