08/11 GA Minutes

The Occupy NOLA General Assembly met on August 11 in Washington Square Park.


small affair: Establish a WePay account specifically for the costs of flyers and other propaganda related to events. Proposal Passes.

MH: The Saturday General Assemblies should meet at Rose Nicaud right next to Washington Square Park since it has been raining every afternoon. Proposal Passes.

Report Back from Direct Action Working Group:
Occupy NOLA held an action at University of New Orleans in Wednesday. Driftwood Magazine interviewed Occupy NOLA at the August 8 rally at University of New Orleans. The police were there, and campus security locked the doors and would not allow anyone in the Administration building because of the protest. There will be a follow up action when school is in session and students are on campus.

Chalkupy August 9
In response to Occupy Los Angeles’ call to action, members of Occupy NOLA chalkupied Duncan Plaza and City Hall called the police. The officer claimed he was confiscating the “criminal evidence” but did not actually take the chalk. When the officer produced handcuffs, the chalkupiers ran away. Other members of Occupy NOLA chalkupied various parts of the city to express freedom of speech.

99% and the Election Town Hall Meeting was held on August 7 and Occupy NOLA began a dialogue with the community about the 2012 election season. MH will be writing a follow-up about this.

Report back from Digital Media Working Group

small affair: There is no Digital Media Working Group anymore. I am doing almost all of digital media and need help.

We need to take a different approach to Digital Media especially regarding the promotion of actions.

Digital Media must include all of us.

Things Digital Media Can Include

  • Consistent promotion of actions and delegation of responsibilities.
  • Making flyers, copying them, distributing them, asking for money to make them
  • We have an updated email distribution list. We need to update the media contacts.
  • Facebook Events (people can help by inviting their friends to events and sharing the event on the pages of other local community activist groups like NOLATimebank and Louisiana Bucket Brigade, etc)
  • Share pictures of Occupy NOLA actions and direct people to the appropriate Facebook Page
  • Writing follow-up articles about actions is important. Anyone can write them and email them to info@occupyneworleans.us and she’ll put them on the website if the writers are not familiar with writing blog posts.
  • It must always be clear if an action has been planned by the Direct Action Working Group and General Assembly.
  • Once an event has a name the same name should be used on Flyers, Facebook, emails, websites.

Question: Do we need 2 websites? (RS referring to Occupythestage.net)

Answer: SmallAffair: YES! The Occupy The Stage website is the working group’s website and is supposed to include more photographs and has room for creative projects (slideshows, videos, etc). Sometimes Occupy The Stage holds events like live performances that are not necessarily proposed to the GA. In the past, people complained when certain working groups took up too much space on the Occupy NOLA website, and Occupy The Stage would certainly do that. The Occupy New Orleans website (this one) should be used for GA minutes and press releases, etc (things that do not all belong on the Occupy The Stage website). NOTE: JW was not at this GA but he wanted the website. Managing two websites isn’t the problem.

Things that SmallAffair does not need help with

  • Twitter
  • Occupy The Stage website

Areas where people can help

  • Providing content for this website so information about Occupy NOLA does not “live” in email or Facebook groups where most people can’t see it and nobody keep track of it.
  • Flyers

If anyone wants to contribute to the Occupy NOLA website, they should contact info@occupyneworleans.us for access. It’s WordPress based.

Tuesday August 14: General Assembly at Occupy The Stage
Discussion focus will be the 99% and the 2012 Election and possible actions including forming a group – “The Other Campaign.” Occupy NOLA will begin conducting outreach about elections.



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