08/21 GA Minutes

This was an informal GA with no facilitator.
Report Backs

Direct Action Working Group:

MH: We had a successful protest on Friday August 17 as we Unwelcomed Governors Jindal and Walker. Members of many activist groups including a UNO Professor attended and Chalkupy occurred. Livestream video is here!

I: WWL mentioned this protest.

Digital Media Working Group:

SmallAffair: There is now a master calendar that can be used to keep track of all actions and events. It is embedded on both the OccupyTheStage website and this Occupy New Orleans website. Please contact her about an action you think should be included. These can be actions Occupy NOLA is supporting but not necessarily directly organizing (actions we will not be writing press releases for). Contact @small_affair via Twitter or email occupythestagenola@gmail.com or info@occupyneworleans.us

Occupy The Stage:

JW: Occupy The Stage had a free performance on August 20. OTS will be having a BBQ and Live Show on September 3. BBQ at 7 and show at 9. People are welcome to bring any food or drinks. Event will be promoted on OTS website and via FB event.


MH: Activists from Less Wall More Streets will be visiting August 28- 29. These two OWS activists have been driving across the country doing legal solidarity trainings and working to raise awareness and build solidarity around issues of state targeting and social control. These activists will be holding a teach-in about police repression at Occupy The Stage on the 28th at 7pm. It will be a “Teach-In” in conjunction with the GA. They would like to hold a legal training on the 30th and have reached out to other activist groups about time and location.


  1. The Tuesday General Assemblies and Direct Action Working Group meetings should take place on the same night. DAWG will meet after the GA on Tuesdays from now on. Proposal passes
  2. On September 3 Occupy NOLA will be have an action related to The BP Oil Spill clean up and COREXIT and the 2012 Elections. Details will be released later. This will be discussed at the General Assembly meeting on Saturday August 25 and Direct Action Working Group Meeting/GA on August 28. OTS (J) will construct a voting booth for this action. Proposal passes.
  3. Occupy NOLA should support “Size Matters” even though the August 22 “Size Matters” action planned by The Fabourg Marigny Association City Council was cancelled. The City Council hearing was moved to 9/6 at either 1 or 2 pm. The City Council will be hearing our appeal to the City Planning Commission (CPC) Decision in the City Hall Chambers. Mark your calendars. We need you there! Details at http://www.faubourgmarigny.org/sizematters.htm Proposal passes
  4. Occupy NOLA should start a group at UNO to reach out to students who are facing debt. Proposal is tabled until members conduct research finding out how one goes about starting such group.
  5. Occupy NOLA/OTS should contact the two activists from OWS who will be visiting New Orleans and suggest the UU church as a possible location for the legal training but say we are open to other locations as well.
    Proposal passes.

1 thought on “08/21 GA Minutes”

  1. I for one am very happy that our Roving Reporter kept the minutes brief and concise
    Good Job!!

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