10/30/2012 GA Minutes

Occupy NOLA GA Notes from Oct 30

Report Backs

Occupy The Stage

  • The Crafitivist Workshop will be presenting Operation Holiday at Occupy The Stage at 7pm Every Sunday from Nov 4- Dec 16. People can learn to make gifts! 7pm. Details and flyer and schedule here
  • November 5th is Occupy The Stage’s Anniversary and Guy Fawkes Day. Food will be at 8, Live Show at 2735c Toulouse at 9.

Direct Action Working Group

  • The People’s Convention was a wonderful event and many activists attended including people from Occupy Mobile and Occupy Baton Rouge. Details here
  • Nov 6 Noon – 6pm Election Day Action: 99% Voting Booth Featuring the Occupy Puppet Theater. Location TBA. Flyers will be made as soon as location is verified. An email has been sent to DAWG members about this.

    Puppets and voting booth and ballots need to be made. Ballots are already designed. Puppets and voting booth will be made at OTS warehouse. Ink is needed to print ballots.

    Mike H. agreed to find information about who is not allowed to vote in Louisiana (minors, convicted felons, etc)

    Important information:

    Info about 600 feet and polling locations: RS 18:1462 
    Info about Candidates not included on Louisiana ballot here http://www.politics1.com/p2012-ballot.htm

  • Nov. 30th – Action planned by Housing working group (in conjunction with the Gulf Coast People’s Convention)! Press conference and protest at office of David Gilmore, 4100 Touro St.


1.Stop demolition of Iberville Housing Development

2.Government(HUD) must use section 8 to place people in housing

3.Government (HUD) must provide section 8 vouchers to everyone currently on section 8 waiting list

4.HUD replace public housing (unit for unit) demolished since Hurricane Katrina by constructing an equal number of public housing units in the same areas.

5.No cuts, fiscal cliff or otherwise, to the current HUD budget. Instead we demand that Congress raise the HUD budget HUD by 50% over the current one (2011-2012).

  • December action will be planned to protest of the budget austerity measures slated for 2013 – December 15 Fiscal Cliff Austerity Protest
  • Debt Assembly will be planned some time before that. small affair is working on it. She wanted to propose hosting a livestream party for the Rolling Jubilee telethon on Nov 15 in response to this call for action sent by Strike Debt, but she didn’t have details with her. This will be proposed at next GA. A location and way to show internet livestream on a screen bigger than her laptop is needed.

    Nov 15 Occupy Wall Street Having Its Own All-Star Celebrity Telethon

    Conference Calls to Prepare for Telethon:

    Thursday, November 1st, 8:30pm EST AND
    Thursday, November 8th, 8:30pm EST – small affair can attend this one
    Strike Debt (@StrikeDebt) emerged out of a coalition of Occupy Wall Street groups that share an interest in fighting predatory lending in all of its forms. Through research and action, we are building a movement to resist the debt system while creating alternatives and supporting each other in the process. Debt resistance is only the beginning, and we want you to be a part of it.
    Agenda for this call:
    1. Learn more about the Strike Debt campaign
    2. Learn how to build debt assemblies / strike debt campaigns locally
    3. Join the social media team for the upcoming Rolling Jubilee telethon on N15: http://www.rollingjubilee.org/

    4. Learn about hosting a livestream party for the Rolling Jubilee telethon on N15.

Digital Media

Convention-related Digital Media will be handled by a few people until we hear from convention attendees about their interests. Attendees of the Convention should be involved in Convention ideas (whether there is a website or not). An email has been sent out to everyone who signed the sign-in sheet at the info-table.

There is a Facebook group for The Gulf Coast People’s Convention. It is a secret group, so please contact Mike C or Magpie if you are interested in joining that group and are not in it already.



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