Occupy NOLA GA Notes Sept 22, 2012 and Notes from planning The First People’s Convention in New Orleans

The Occupy NOLA GA and First People’s Convention in New Orleans planning committee met on September 22, 2012 at 4:30 pm in Cafe Flora.


  • October 6 Occupy NOLA Anniversary
  • UNO/School Outreach and Oct 18 Global Student Strike
  • Plan The First People’s Convention in New Orleans

Occupy NOLA Report backs:
Student Outreach (unofficial working group)

A caravan went to UNO to organize a 99% group at UNO. One thing that came up was FEAR. Professors are afraid to speak out. Students are afraid to speak out because of a past protest and arrests. Occupy NOLA brought a membership form for The UNO Progressive Club.Spoke with students who were receptive. 7 students signed (5 signatures were required).
EC met faculty advisor. MH and EC went to Women’s Center, Student Government, and Driftwood.  Open to printing a letter EC would like to write.

SA handed out flyers for GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE
Oct.18th & Nov.14-22nd 2012 that the ONOLA GA endorsed in solidarity withThe International Student Movement (ISM)

EC invited them to Convention. MH then asked them to sign up.

SA: P is trying to reserve a room for Oct 9 Forum but it has not be confirmed. The forum is called “The Budget, The University, and The Student Debt.” Freshmen students are eager to hear student loan horror stories. This will be an event as soon as time and date of room are confirmed (will anyone who hears from P about time and date of Forum tell SA immediately?).
JW: P suggested the 16th be a meeting at UNO to prepare for strike.
MC: worried people will have too many directions they are moving in.

RR: many ideas for Oct 6*
SA: (direct response to MC’s concern) willing to work with university students and not focus on convention as much.

SA: Direct Action Working Group meets on Tuesdays. Occupy NOLA DAWG will discuss the October 18 Global Student Strike and the October 6th birthday of Occupy NOLA.

*[NOTE: plans for October 6 Occupy NOLA birthday are not published on the Internet. Expect notification soon).
People’s Convention Planning.

Name Change:

MH: It was the theme for the DNC.
SA: There is already a website for another People’s Convention

JW: It was a political party in communist Russia.

MH: Can we call it “The First People’s Convention in New Orleans”?

[Much discussion follows and consensus is reached. Name is changed on Facebook and this website and must be changed on Flyers]

(JW goes back to work and is not at second part of meeting)

Convention Promotion:

EC: WTUL WBLK –  EC and JW will both be interviewed on radio. EC will communicate with JW about when the interview is. MC said he would help EC.

Flyers needed [name change should be included on all flyers]!

EC: Convention is publicized on OccupyDebates.org

SA/EC: FB event is now set to public.

SA: Ready to promote event now that she understands how to describe it.

SA: Question (unanswered) will somebody make a NOLA.com account and post about Convention there? She has been trying to get somebody from Digital Media to do this forever.

RR: We should post it on InterOcc and OccupyTogether, etc.

Discussion of local IRL (in real life) networking and who will network where.

Networking for the Convention: Different “committees” are formed so networking can occur without overlap and organizers can utilize their own connections effectively. Nobody should take on too much or get stretched too thin.

University Outreach Committee


Tulane /Loyola: EC

Delgado: RR
EC: has been speaking with a potential faculty advisor at Tulane and is working on finding people at Loyola.
RR: will ask around Delgado and distribute materials about Convention.
SA: will promote convention when doing other Outreach at UNO and planning Oct 18 action.
Public Healthcare Outreach Committee


MH: Will reach out to activists we know who are focusing on healthcare

Bus Stop Outreach Committee


Outreach on Bus Stops to publicize Convention.
AW: Outreach Canal St
SA: will flyer at bus stops on Esplanade

Public Works Outreach Committee

Gulf Coast Activist Outreach Committee


The Poor Folk Outreach Committee

MH: How do we reach out to really poor people?
General suggestions:

  • Go to poor neighborhoods.
  • Duncan Plaza
  • OC Halley
  • Soup kitchens
  • Ozanam Inn
  • Exodus House
  • St. Jude’s New Orleans Mission

Labor Outreach Committee

MH: will MC be involved in Labor?
MC: they are not receptive. would focus efforts elsewhere
SA: Question: Can someone maybe ask NOLA Socialist Alternative about their ability to network with labor? [no response]
MC: will reach out to Wade at Fairgrinds.

The Co-op Outreach Committee


The Random Activist Outreach Group


RR: Opportunity for Outreach at Palmer Park

SA: Outreach with any random groups she encounters online or IRL (NOLATimebank) Will work with armchair activists who need something productive to do

SA: JW can work w/ Iron Rail, NolaAnarcha, ArtHouse, etc if he wants to

Minute taker’s notes: For one reason I don’t remember what RDS said he would be involved in. Sorry if I left anyone out of any of the groups. I tried to take diligent notes. ~ Magpie Anthony ______________________________________________________________________

Actual Day of Convention Q and A:

SA: What is happening that day? We have to organize what will happen that day.

EC/RDS: Workshops will be participatory!

SA: So we can have a workshop about the 2012 elections and Louisiana not having “write-in candidates” and we organize an action involving the portable voting booth with write in ballot forms (for symbolic purposes) and a puppet show?

EC: Yes. You can do that.

SA: So we can write this on the internet: The First People’s Convention in New Orleans will involve participatory workshops! One workshop will focus on planning a creative action for November 4. This will involve a portable voting booth with write-in ballots! Because Louisiana DOES NOT ALLOW Presidential Write In Ballots

EC: Yes. Workshops must be described as participatory – anyone can participate.
SA: Thanks. That way we can actually explain one thing that will happen at the Convention on Oct 27 so we can start promoting it. Elections and write in ballots.

MC: We need an “executive committee” to figure out what we are doing with the workshops.

After much discussion, it is decided that after this week of Outreach, we can start forming that group to organize workshops.

SA: It is very important that we remember the Convention Planning Group meets on Saturdays. The Occupy NOLA GA and Direct Action Working Group meet on Tuesday. We have a week before we meet. Also, we have to plan October 6 and 18 at DAWG on Tuesday. We can’t let the Convention become our only focus.
Convention To Do List:

  • Establish Rules of Conduct
  • Describe convention and participatory workshops
  • Figure out who will organize which workshops (“executive committee’)
  • Promote this event
  • Make sure name change is consistent in communications via email/ Facebook, websites, real life discussion, flyers. The First People’s Convention in New Orleans.
  • EC will contact Community Kitchen Collective about food at the convention. (It is NO longer called food not bombs).

Agenda for Saturday, September 29

Next Saturday report back from Outreach.
Next Saturday we will work on co-ordinating the convention and what we will do.

Please feel free to comment on these notes if necessary by posting below.


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